Dazed and Confused

Posted on October 27, 2009


Does every conversation you hear these days have the words “wiki”, “blog”, or “web 2.0” in it?  Do these terms confuse you?  Don’t feel bad, because you are definitely NOT alone.  I’ve always tried to stay on top of the ever expanding world of information technology, but some days I still find it overwhelming.  I’ve even thought of starting up a new club for Luddites, those  anti-industry madcaps of the 19th century.

Thank goodness for our 21st century learning specialist.  With a warm smile and a twinkle in her green eyes, she sweeps away all of my doubts and has me blogging and “wiki”-ing and conversing in web 2.0 with the best of them.

I never realized how proficient I already was at all of these things; some times, you just need the right terminology.  And good help along the way!

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