Makes My Poor Heart Skip a Beat

Posted on October 27, 2009


2009_Dodge_Challenger_SRT-8_NYWhile waiting at a red light this morning, I had a moment of pure car lust. A new black Dodge Challenger came prowling by, all glossy curves and a low throaty purr of an engine. My heartbeat immediately increased by 20 beats per minute and I could not look away. What a monster of a car! Just imagining what it would be like to get behind the wheel, shift into first gear, and accelerate gave me quite a thrill. I think I’m in love.

For we gearheads, cars are more than just transportation. They’re works of art you can actually become a part of – the wo(man) inside the machine. Our hearts race at the sound of a beautiful V-8 engine. We can tell the make and model of a car by sound alone. We take our children to car shows when they are infants, teaching them to enjoy the beautiful lines of a classic, the craftsmanship of a converted hot rod, or the unforgettable rockstar sound of a Shelby Cobra.

I didn’t realize how well my daughter had taken to cars until we were at a red light about a year ago. A nice 60’s muscle machine pulled up beside us. My daughter immediately asked me to roll down her window, so she could hear the low rumbling power of its massive engine. I’m so proud 🙂

Photo courtesy of:  IFCAR.  All Rights Released.

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