Vegasaurus Crossing!

Posted on October 27, 2009


A Rare Sighting of the Vegasaurusack in the beginning of my library career (when dinosaurs roamed the earth), I worked as a teacher in a private church school.  I really enjoyed getting to know the students,and teaching them, especially Language Arts.

I’ll never forget the day they learned about the thesaurus.  They loved finding antonyms and synonyms, and seeing how all the words fit into familes.

Timmy especially loved the lesson; he was a bright little guy with a love of books that made teaching him a joy.  I was so pleased the day after the lesson when he came up to me and asked to borrow “That book you showed us yesterday”.

“What book?” I asked him, since I had taught several different lessons to different groups the day before.

“You know,” he responded.  “The one with all the opposites.  The Vegesaurus.”

And from then on, the thesaurus was known in our classroom as the Vegesaurus.  I liked to imagine it roaming the classroom at night in the dark, looking for pencil stubs and erasers to snack on.  And maybe even hanging out with that other wonder of prehistory, the Encyclosaurus.


Photo:  Allosaurus Skeleton on display at the Exhibit Museum on the University of Michigan campus. Photographer: *ejk*


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