Sitting on the Couch and Eating Bon Bons

Posted on October 27, 2009


RBS01One of my favorite questions to ask my students, particularly the younger ones, is, “What does Mrs. L do in the library when you’re not there?” Over the years I’ve received some very funny answers, like “sleep”, “eat chocolate”, “read all the books”, etc.The real story isn’t as funny, but I can say I never have time to be bored. Every day is different, and every day is packed. In a given day, I might:
_answer questions from both students and staff,
-review materials for purchase,
-prepare purchase orders,
-process newly received materials,
-catalog new materials,
-maintain and troubleshoot all of the library’s computers,
-plan lessons,
-create and prepare additional teaching materials,
-pull books for teachers and students,
-teach lessons,
-read stories with quite a variety of accents
-help children find the “perfect” book,
-put on a puppet show
-visit a classroom to deliver materials
-shelve books,
-check books out
-edit computer records for each of 13,000+ volumes in the library
-tape a class or presentation
-edit a film
-copy and distribute a DVD
-schedule and show a variety of VHS tapes and DVDs through the video distribution system
-research and evaluate new library software systems
-plan for and implement new library software systems
-administer the current library software system
-administer the current online reading system
-plan for and implement the new online reading system
-assist a parent with the computer
-assist a student with the computer
-refill the printer with paper
-order library supplies
-print out overdues
-repair damaged books
-etc.The list just goes on and on. But I love my job, and enjoy everything I do. Especially the part where I get to eat chocolate, sleep and read 🙂 

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