A Rather Eclectic Day

Posted on November 4, 2009



Photo courtesy of Niklas Bildhauer through Creative Commons Lic.

Today is my one day of the week when I don’t have any scheduled classes.  You’d think I’d spend the day entirely alone, at my desk, cataloguing away.

If you did, you’d think wrong.  While I originally sat at my desk, it was only 30 minutes before I was up and running.  I went to the third grade classroom and taught the aide how to use Star Reading and Accelerated Reader.  She was a joy to work with, and very enthusiastic.

After that I helped a student find a book, then took my laser printer apart and cleaned the heads in an attempt to get it to work.  No luck, so tomorrow I’ll have to return the cartridge and see if that was the problem.

Next on the list, I faxed a supply order in to the local office supply company.  I’ve decided to go with a notebook size lesson planner, since my current one is ledger size and very difficult to take with me.

Afterwards I did catalogue a few books, but stopped when a teacher came in to reschedule and never got back to it.  I did finish my lesson plans (tentatively, of course) for the next three weeks, which was nice.

Lunchtime, and I read in the car for 3o minutes, which was lovely.  The trees are just starting to turn a little, and the air was cool with low humidity.  Several squirrels ran around while I watched.

Back inside and back to AR; I had to call the company to fix a teacher’s logon problem.  Upstairs to her room to report the results, then back down to email her the new logon, password, etc.

Enter middle schoolers, needing help downloading and editing film footage for their social studies projects.  They were utterly amazed at the range of choices when they started to create their titles.  I had to laugh as I watched them scroll through all of the title choices, finally select one, and then start checking out the fonts.  I told them, “Now you see why it takes me a while to get things edited”, and they nodded their heads furiously in agreement.

I checked in some books and reshelved a few, in between assisting students.

Another student couldn’t save her film to the student server, so I emailed the tech teacher and she emailed back with instructions.  I learned something new!  The student was very excited when she returned from her next class and I showed her what I’d done.

Contacted a parent to lend my support for her daughter’s video premiere Friday in the library.  She really appreciated it, and told me how much her kids love me.  That’s always wonderful to hear; and, as I let her know, the feeling is definitely mutual.

Her oldest child has been my student since my second year here at this school.  Next year will be her last; I’m already sad at the thought.  And happy to have her two siblings following along behind her!

Updated my blog, and began researching various standards for my state.  Then I re-organized my notebook, and it was time to go home.  My “To Do” list is still one and a half pages long.  Perhaps I should start adding all of the things I do that aren’t on my list, and then marking them off.

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