J is for Jump

Posted on November 11, 2009




Your Child Would Never Do this, would he?

 Today was the 3 year old classes’ day to visit the library.  Since this is the week they’re learning “J”, I decided to do J stories with them.  


We started by shaking our wiggles out, and then JUMPING them out.  Then we discussed all the student and teacher names that began with J; I was surprised how many there were!

Next we did “Jack and Jill” with puppets, with a cameo appearance by our dragon puppet.  (For no apparent reason; he just likes to make cameo appearances.)

Then we read Tedd Arnold’s book, No Jumping on the Bed.  This wonderful story related the happenings on the night Walter jumped on his bed, and it fell through to the floor below, landing him in Mrs. Matty’s spaghetti and meatballs.  

Of course, the bed didn’t stop there.  At each floor he picked up a new friend and continued on his merry way.  The students had a great time predicting what would happen at the end of each page, and the end of the story.

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