Skyping Down the Road of Life

Posted on December 15, 2009


I just finished my first ever skype.  I read a story to a class in North Carolina while my own first graders watched.  I really enjoyed hearing the other students’ join in on the refrains of the story, and seeing their smiling and laughing little faces.

My students did a super job of active listening and participating; I was very proud of them.  I was surprised to find how tense I was at the thought of reading to an unseen class.  And very glad to have my own students faces’ there to watch.

I did not like having to read into the microphone.  Even worse was being seen on camera.  My co-teacher did a great job of showing the illustrations while I provided the narration.  That was much more comfortable for me.

I don’t know how well I would have performed without an actual audience.  Reading the story directly into the computer would have been much more difficult.  Without the two-way communication and feedback, I have a much harder time staying in character and keeping up the proper pacing.

It was nice, however, to share one of my favorite stories with more people.  I could get used to that.  Maybe I’ll become quite the skyper!

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia commons.

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