Walking a Mile in Another’s Brain?

Posted on January 29, 2010



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Last week I had some problems with students not taking responsibility for their assignments and behavior.  I was completely Kerfluffled, and asked several of my colleagues for ideas.

I was absolutely amazed by the suggestions I received.  Each gave me ideas that had never even occured to me.  Some were more practical, others more supportive, and a few even introduced me to entirely new concepts.  All over a situation I’ve enountered numerous times.

My brain tend to work more creatively than logically, making connections and jumping from topic to topic like a person engaged in random netsurfing.  Which explains my love for the internet, I supppose.

One concept that had completely eluded me was the idea of grading students on being prepared;   sounds simple, I know; I just get so involved in the creative side of the project I don’t even think of the little practical details.

I”m an ideas person, however, and I’m quite proud of my creative ability.  I’ve always become the “go to guy” for lesson plan ideas at every school where I”ve worked.  Want a fun way to teach prepositions?  Need a new look at multiplication?  I’m there.  Drop me an email anytime and I”ll be glad to pass on my creative ideas.  And feel free to send me your more practical, useful tips for working as a school librarian.  I can’t wait to see what great ideas, and take a few steps in someone else’s brains.

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