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Posted on March 8, 2010



More than meets the eye?


Friday my fifth graders and I continued reading Avi’s wonderful book The Seer of Shadows.  The hero of the book found himself taking photographs in a cemetery.  When I read a section about a mausoleum, I saw the puzzlement on the students’ faces.  So I stopped and asked them if they knew what it was.  A few did, but most didn’t, so we defined the word and began to talk about cemeteries in general.

The students had never thought of cemeteries as interesting places.  I told them about a wonderful PBS documentary I’d watched on the subject, and shared some of the points made in the program.  

They also loved hearing about the cemetery near my childhood home.  It was very old, and featured some rather unsual gravestones.  Best of all, it was a great place for telling ghost stories and scaring my cousin.  

If you’ve never thought about cemeteries as places of history and story, check out the following link:


You might also enjoy this look at the history of the Evergreen Cemetery in Jacksonville, Florida:


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