Seeing more than Shadows???

Posted on April 16, 2010



Ghosts Ghosts Ghosts

5th grade and I have just finished reading Avi’s marvelous novel, Seer of Shadows.  In case you missed my earlier posting, this great book tells the story of young Horace Carpetine, apprentice to a New York photographer of the 1880’s.  

When Horace’s employer decides to trick the fashionable elite by engaging in the slight of hand known as spirit photography, he gets more than he bargained for.  Much more.  

Horace finds himself possessed of the ability to see ghosts with his camera.  Every time he photographs them, they come more and more back to life.  What will he do with such knowledge?  Should he try to see his own future?  Would you?

We will now be reviewing some book trailers made by other schools, and then creating our own for this wonderful book.  I’ll then be assisting them in their classroom as they create their own book trailers.  

Photo courtesy of Flickr commons.  ”Couple with a female spirit.”  From the collection of the National Media Museum.

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