Is EdTech Just Another Name for Library Science?

Posted on June 6, 2010


Somehow this whole edtech thing happened without my knowledge.  Even though I’m very active in my profession as a librarian, and stay updated, somehow I never realized until last year what a big thing Edtech had become.  When did this happen?  Who is behind this movement?  And how does it affect libraries and librarians?

I’ve been a librarian for 17 years now; I started out with a paper catalog, then made the transition to online.  I jumped in with both feet and learned the system backwards and forwards.  I wasn’t afraid to get down on the floor and check connections on the computer terminals, or to push buttons on the modem that was larger than a dorm room refrigerator.

When the internet became mainstream, I fell in love.  What a great way to communicate with anyone in the world, anywhere, anytime.  What an amazing idea.  I still feel this way.

Web 2.0?  Another no brainer.  Having a blog has made reflecting on my teaching choices, and creating a digital portfolio, so much easier.  Not to mention staying in touch with my colleagues.

So what are edtech people doing that we librarians aren’t?  They aren’t what we called “techies”; they don’t seem to be about wiring or programming or hardware.  Are they really that different from those of us who call ourselves librarians/media specialists/library teachers?

I’d love to hear your opinions and thoughts; please comment.

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