Two More Days of Freedom!!!

Posted on August 13, 2010


Blue waters of summertime?

Why am I so anxious about returning to work for preplanning on the 16th?  I love my job, and already have great new plans in place for my new curriculum.  So why the sudden urge to hop a flight to Tahiti this weekend?

Don’t get me wrong; I love and enjoy my job very much.  It’s nice to work at a place where I feel so valued and appreciated.  I just have a difficult time jumping from vacation mode to back to work mode.  Every year in June I make all sorts of plans for the summer.  The weeks look endless and I love it; all that time to spend with my daughter going to the zoo, visiting museums, making crafts, floating in the pool, and just spending carefree relaxed time together.

Best of all, we function on what I call “Anastasia time”, named after my daughter.  We get up when we want to get up, eat when we’re hungry, and sleep when we’re tired.  As a result I’m as calm and relaxed as you’ll ever see me.

We’ve certainly had a great summer.  We’ve taken classes at the zoo and our local art museum, made all sorts of neat crafts, attended a reading class, and ate lunch at the top of the tallest building in our city twice.  Even better, we’ve snuggled and laughed and talked and developed a major milkshake addiction.

Only in looking back did I realize how nice it has been.  And how relaxing and renewing it has been for me.  No wonder I don’t want my summer to end.   But I think I’ll try to keep this wonderful feeling of relaxation with me during the school year.  I’ll take a silly pencil or pen back to school to take notes with during the seemingly endless meetings.  I’ll let my daughter paint my toenails ten different colors in her favorite style.  I’ll wear some of the cool beaded bracelets we made this summer.   And start counting the days until next summer.

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