2nd Graders are Website Evaluators

Posted on March 17, 2011


My second grade class had a wonderful time in library today learning about wiki etiquette and website evaluation. First we went online and looked at our wiki; we discussed what should and should not be allowed on the wiki. Please check out their ideas at:

MJGDS Reads Around the World Wiki

Next we took a look at two different websites and evaluated them using a form Mrs. Leonard found and adapted for us. Here’s a link to the original:

Website Evaluation Form

The first website we looked at was the Driver’s License Search, which allows you to look up the driver’s license of anyone in the United States or Canada; check it out here:

Find Your Driver’s License

Using the form mentioned earlier, we looked at the website very carefully. We noticed this was a .com site, and there was no author or email address listed. The students also noted it was rather crowded and not easy to read.

Finally we entered my name and pulled up my driver’s license photo; the students were surprised to see a photo of an ape! Turns out the whole site is a hoax. The students quickly realized that many of the features we noted were actually clues to the website not being reliable or even real.

Next week we will research more subjects for our wiki and evaluate the information we find using the skills learned today.

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