Finding Your Passion

Posted on March 17, 2011


My Job as a Librarian

I had a great meeting this afternoon with  our 21st century learning specialist. We were discussing my vision of a 21st century library, and then trying to determine my “niche” – the part within my area of expertise that I am most passionate about

I was surprised at what a difficult question that is for me to answer. I’m interested in so many things – the idea of using technology to enable the less fortunate in schools, gathering knowledge to become intelligent vs. applying knowledge, learning differences, language acquisition, even HOW exactly people learn to read and write.

When I think about the job I’ve been doing for the past ten years here at MJGDS, I think the moments that stand out the most are the times when I’m storytelling.  I look up and see every students’ eyes on me, mouths slightly open, eagerly awaiting the next sentence.  Then there are  the times I find just the right book for a reluctant reader, or share a student’s joy as he/she discovers for the first time one of my own favorite childhood reads.

I wonder if taste-testing chocolate counts as a passion?

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