Best Day Ever? Or, Why I Became a Librarian

Posted on March 17, 2011


Friday was one of those once in a blue moon days – every class behaved well, all the students wanted to check out books, and I was on fire as a storyteller.

With 5th grade, we reached one of the scariest parts of our novel Seer of Shadows by Avi. The students were actually holding each others hands at that point. Nice to know that even digital natives still love the ancient art of storytelling.

5th grade and I also made a short movie about onomatopoeia. They each had to pronounce the word, and then give an example. I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard in quite some time. They did a superb job, though, of finding words that illustrate sounds, such as boom, splash, and splat.

2nd grade took passport photos and filled out their passports for our Read Around the World adventure. Starting this Thursday we’ll be visiting a different country every month. While visiting we’ll be reading stories from that particular culture, learning a bit of the language, and even sampling some of the region’s food.

1st grade began learning about the ever popular Tomie De Paola and had a fantastic time listening to Strega Nona. Several of them mentioned I’d read the book to them when they were in VPK. So I asked them if they liked to eat ice cream; they responded with a definite “Yes!!!!” Then I asked them if they wanted to eat it more than one time; yes, of course, they answered. So I asked if they thought they might like to hear a book read more than one time. They thought they would. I then proceeded to give probably my best ever telling of the story, and they were absolutely enthralled. One girl couldn’t stop laughing at one point. I don’t know who was having the most fun, me telling the story or them listening.

Finally, 4th grade finished reading Mrs. Jeeper’s Vacation. They then debated whether or not Mrs. Jeepers really was a vampire. I was very impressed by their use of examples from the text to prove their point. Great synthesis and analysis, fourth grade! It’s great days like this that remind me why I became a librarian.

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