Check out 2nd Grades’ Trip to China!

Posted on March 17, 2011


Here are some of the comments I’ve received via email:

Louise, This is giving me some good ideas for projects to do with my little kids as well! Thanks for sharing. Who ran the video camera?

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Very cute! Loved the running through the airport!! **************************************************************************

Absolutely delightful Louise. Thanks for sharing 🙂 ~lanell rabner Librarian Springville High School ****************************************************************************

Hi Louise,

Your video was great! I’d love to hear more about the unit you did with your 2nd graders! I am doing something a bit similar with my 1st graders. I made a genre passport. Each week I read a different genre picture book and then they write about it in their passport journals. I made the page based off of a Library lesson book that I can’t think of now. Not as fun as your idea. Thanks for sharing!

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