Dazzling Diamantes!

Posted on March 17, 2011


Today in 5th grade we learned some things we didn’t know about famous poets. For example, did you know that Dante Gabriel Rosetti had a toucan he trained to wear a cowboy hat and ride a llama aroud his dining room table? Or that Lord Byron was like the rock star of his time? Stay tuned as we begin researching the lives of some famous poets.

We also discussed the author study we’d like to begin next week. Several books were suggested. I’ll be sending out a survey to the students to allow them to vote on the book they’d like to read next in class.

Finally, we learned how to write a type of poem called a diamante. A diamante is a poem written in the shape of a diamond. Here’s the poem we wrote together as a class:

Dark Wizard

Deatheater, Mean,

Bullying, Protecting, Killing,

Put a stopper in death–

Hating, Sneering, Brewing,

Dark, Rude,

Potions Professor.

Yes, I’m completely obsessed with Harry Potter and Professor Snape, the subject of our diamante. If you’d like to learn more about this fun poem, check out the amazing website we used in class today:

Write Your Own Diamante Site


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