Kindergartners are Joining the Pirate Crew

Posted on March 17, 2011


Today after checking out some fabulous books we were invited to become members of Mrs. Leonard’s (“The Redheaded Pirate Queen” )pirate crew. Recruits were each given their very own pirate name, courtesy of the pirate name generator (see link below.)

We then read the first half of Melinda Long’s wonderful book Pirates Don’t Change Diapers. The pirates have returned to our hero’s home to search his backyard for their hidden treasure. They must not, however, wake up his father or his sister. Can this group of rowdy buccaneers stay out of trouble? We’ll find out next week when we continue reading this marvelous picture book.

If you’d like to get your own pirate name, check out the hilarious pirate name generator below:

Pirate Name Generator


As always, use this with caution. Some names are not suitable for small children.

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