Right Book + Student = Lifelong Reader

Posted on March 17, 2011


Today I spent some time tracking down books for a student. She’d read one novel, and wanted others like it. Courtesy of my wonderful librarian’s listserv and a couple of websites, I was able to locate quite a few titles, check them out to her, and deliver them. I really love that part of my job. It isn’t glamorous. No one is going to tweet about it. But it’s one of the best things about being a librarian. If a child doesn’t have a school librarian, he or she most likely will not find a book they like. They’ll get bored and equate reading, and by extension learning, with boredom. But if a child has a good school librarian, he or she can be matched with a book that fits both their reading interests and reading level. A book that will draw them in and keep them turning pages. A book that will stay with them after they read it and send them back to the librarian for more books like it. That’s how you create lifelong readers.

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