Why I Became a Librarian

Posted on March 17, 2011


At least once a month a student asks me, “Mrs. Leonard, why did you become a librarian?’  I tell them because I love kids and books.  And while that’s not a bad answer, the real reason is situations such as the one described by a colleague (with her permission) below:

This made me smile today…  A very quick conversation between a  second grader (who reads above grade level) and me.

He:  Do you have any Ramona and Beezus books?

Me:  Yes!  We have quite a few..(I walk him to the shelf)

He:  Wow!  This is like heaven….(two beats later after taking in a whole shelf of Cleary books) only it’s in school!

{{{sigh}}} I love this job.

Amy Jensen, M.Ed., MLIS Teacher-Librarian

Waxahachie (TX) ISD

While I love the technology side of my job, this is the true heart of what I do.  Matching a child with the perfect author, sharing a classic with a first-time reader, seeing kindergartners mature all the way to 8th grade  and sharing the magic of the written word – these are far and away the best parts of my job.  And the real reason, that after 17 years, I still love being a librarian.

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