46 year old Returns to 2nd Grade

Posted on March 22, 2011


Me? In Second Grade?

Today I went to one of our 2nd grade classes to view their bat book.  The students were so proud and excited.  At the same time, I was listening to their vocal tones to see what I would have to teach them in our upcoming project.  They did a superb job with great intonation, phrasing and emphasis.

The teacher and I have decided to create a podcast of “Charlotte’s Web”.  We have a script, and we’ve cast the roles.  Now we’re almost ready to start rehearsals.

The students are beyond excited.  I was amazed to see them discuss the parts they would like and how they worked it out when two people wanted the same part.  They were very mature and caring for one another.

I also enjoy seeing how this teacher interacts with them.  She is so calm and patient.  She knows and understands each student and adjusts her teaching style to fit each of them.

Last month I visited our other 2nd grade class to watch their 2nd president reports.  I was so impressed with this teacher’sorganization, calmness, and clarity.  Like teh first teacher mentioned, she “gets” each student and works with them in the way that is best for their unique personality and learning style.

Then there’s 2nd grade foreign language teachers.    I am amazed at how well the students both read, speak and understand a foreign tongue.  And I lovethe teacher’s  enthusiasm and  sparkling eyes that always seem to be smiling at the students.

My own year in 2nd grade was a difficult one due to serious illness, but I had a wonderful teacher — Miss Sandy Brewer.  She was tall with blonde hair and looked rather like Doris Day.  I loved everything about her–her stylish A-line sleeveless dresses, her perfume, the stories she told, etc.  Because I had been so sick that year she allowed me and my best friend Jan to stay inside with her during p.e. and recess and “help” her.

I don’t know how much I helped her, but she certainly helped me.  It’s nice to see today’s 2nd graders getting that same love and attention from the wonderful 2nd grade teachers at the school where I teach now.

Can I go back to 2nd grade?

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