The Newest Must-Have Gadget

Posted on March 29, 2011


The Newest Must Have Gadget?

Great article today from The New York Times about which gadgets you should keep, and which you can give away. I love what the author, Sam Grobart, had to say about books:

BOOKS Keep them (with one exception). Yes, e-readers are amazing, and yes, they will probably become a more dominant reading platform over time, but consider this about a book: It has a terrific, high-resolution display. It is pretty durable; you could get it a little wet and all would not be lost. It has tremendous battery life. It is often inexpensive enough that, if you misplaced it, you would not be too upset. You can even borrow them free at sites called libraries.

Don’t you just love this? “terrific, high-resolution display” and “tremendous battery life”. However, Mr. Grobart didn’t mention what is, for me, the most important reason to keep books: their beauty. Books, in my mind, are works of art to be cherished. Over the years I’ve purchased many beautilful volumes with amazing illustrations and gorgeous bindings. Yes, I could buy the same books in paperback or for a kindle, but I love touching the nice acid-free vellum and losing myself in the beautiful illustrations.

Books represent journeys to me; adventures, life lessons, the collective wisdom of generations. For this reason I would never leave a book outside or on the floor. I honor the knowledge and gifts I’ve received from books by treating the actual physical volumes with respect.

Long live the book.


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