Once a Librarian, Always a Librarian

Posted on April 12, 2012


Dear Library, Do you miss me?

In October 2011 I took a very new career path.  I moved from the librarian at a private school to a middle school ELA teacher at a charter school.  While I adore my students and enjoy the subject area, I’m beginning to think I might miss being a librarian.

For example, whenever I see students in the hallway with books, I always have to stop and see what they’re reading.  Yet they’re not even my students.

If I’m in a doctor’s office and someone is reading, I have to see the title. At my daughter’s school, I always compliment students I see reading.  My house is still overflowing with books to be read, books to be returned to the library, and books I’ve read and refuse to part with.

If I were a magic 8 ball, I think I would read “Signs Suggest you Consider a Return to Librarianship”.

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