Learning Goes Two Ways

Posted on July 10, 2013


ImageI found this photo today while doing some scanning.  Although I wouldn’t try skateboarding now, I’m glad I did.  Donnie, the student in the picture with me, was so proud to be the teacher for a change.  For once he was the expert and I was the novice.

We all need to trade places with our students once in a while.  Let them teach you a new skill.  Sitting in their seat makes you take a long, hard look at your own teaching methods.

If you’re not up for skateboarding, try a computer program or task you find difficult.  Or get them to help with your new smartphone.  Students today are digital natives, so let them share their knowledge with you.  You’ll be suprised not only at how much you learn, but how much they know.

By the way, I never got any better at skateboarding. However,  it wasn’t due to Donnie’s teaching ability.  He was great – very patient and calm.  Something I try to remember to be when teaching an unfamiliar subject to my current students.

Thanks, Donnie, for a great lesson in skateboarding and life.